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How’d That Aviation Story Go Viral? Blame Artificial Intelligence

Associated Press

Police react after an Army veteran drew a gun from his checked luggage at the Fort Lauderdale airport last year and opened fire in the baggage claim area, killing five. Many airlines and journalists followed the event in real-time through Dataminr alerts. Associated Press

Skift Take: If it happens on an airline and someone tweets it, journalists will know. It’s often not because of their top-rate investigative reporting skills. Instead, they’re using an artificial intelligence platform that flags interesting posts on social media. The future is here, folks.

— Brian Sumers

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Higher Standards for Airline Elite Status Don’t Bother Elite Travelers

Nam Y. Huh  / (AP Photo, File)

FILE – In this Saturday, Dec. 26, 2015 file photo, travelers walk to their gates at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. For those who travel frequently on business, New Year’s resolutions for include finding ways to stay fit, keep calm and build in time for leisure outings on business trips in 2016. Nam Y. Huh / (AP Photo, File)

Skift Take: New qualification standards for elite status at American and Delta seem to be working as intended: Business travelers are looking forward to better exclusivity while budget travelers are giving up.

— Grant Martin

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South Africa’s Visa Policy Is Still Hurting Tourism

Richard Holmes  / Skift

A South African passport and birth certificate are shown. The country has amended some visa regulations, but problems remain. Richard Holmes / Skift

Skift Take: South Africa’s onerous visa regime for minor travelers continues to hobble its all-important tourism industry. Amendments published last month may look like good news, but read them closely and – industry insiders say – not nearly enough has changed.

— Richard Holmes

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U.S. Customs Isn’t Protecting Traveler Data After Electronic Searches

cbpphotos  / Flickr

A customs officer at a border crossing in California. cbpphotos / Flickr

Skift Take: It should come as no surprise that the government isn’t following its own rules when it comes to securing the traveler data it seizes from personal devices. Another reminder to take precautions, even if your chance of getting searched is rather low.

— Andrew Sheivachman

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New Skift Research Explains What Repeat Tourists Want

Dom J  /

Repeat travelers exhibit unique behaviors and preferences from non-repeat travelers. Here, tourists take pictures of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Dom J /

Skift Take: Keeping visitors loyal is often a complex task for destinations. Understanding those travelers who are most likely to go back to places they’ve visited is a crucial component of this equation.

— Meghan Carty

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Senior Buddy System and 9 Other Tourism Trends This Week

Jenni Konrad  / Flickr

Strasbourg, France is shown in this photo from November taken by someone on a river cruise. A new matching site helps solo seniors find traveling partners. Jenni Konrad / Flickr

Skift Take: This week in tourism news, a new matching site could help solo seniors find buddies for their next trips. The Philadelphia tourism board also looks at under-appreciated demographics, targeting Latino travelers after yearlong dividends from a black-centric campaign.

— Sarah Enelow-Snyder

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Upgrading U.S. Highways Will Require Increased Gas Tax and Tolls


A car filling up at a gas pump somewhere in the U.S. Improving the nation’s highways will cost billions more than America is spending now. Bloomberg

Skift Take: President Trump’s pledge to invest in U.S. transportation infrastructure never materialized. It’s going to take a sustained, decades-long investment as traffic increases and puts increased pressure on bridges, tunnels, and highways.

— Andrew Sheivachman

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Where to Find the Best Food in Krakow, Poland

Where to Find the Best Food in Krakow

Krakow is understated, charming and has an air of melancholy about it. You can feel the history pulsing through the small streets, decades after they were home to some of history’s most extraordinary events.  

Though I was only here for two days, Krakow left an impression on me. The main areas to explore are Stare Miasto, which translates to the Old Town, and Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter.

To go even further into the city’s emotional past, cross the Vistula River and find Schindler’s Factory. Here you’ll get a feel for a less gentrified area. While history is very evident in this small city, you can tell that residents have gone through great lengths to rebuild its bones and core. 

As I explored this fascinating place, I of course ate my way through the city and below is where to find the best food in Krakow, Poland.

Manchester in Krakow

Marchewka z Groszkiem

Marchewka z Groszkiem serves as the perfect entry to a couple of days in Krakow. Night number one brought me to this dark, candlelit, traditional restaurant. I chose to try the dumplings stuffed with spinach and cheese.

The menu is full of country staples like Polish soups and meat and trout variations, all worth trying at some point while visiting this country.

Youmiko Sushi in Krakow

Youmiko Sushi

Vegan sushi is a pure contradiction, but it absolutely worked here. Right in the heart of the Jewish Quarter is the small but funky Youmiko Sushi, churning out some of the most excellent tasting sushi creations I’ve come across.  

The fact that all of this is done sans fish makes it all the more impressive and unique. A must try.

Hamsa in Krakow


As would be expected, there are several Israeli restaurants to be found in Krakow. The one I went to was Hamsa, found behind the brick walls right in the center of Kazimierz.

The dedication to hummus is overly apparent, but the food is solid enough to push that aside. The great atmosphere makes for a very enjoyable lunch backdrop.

Milkbar in Krakow

Milkbar Tomasza

The Polish milk bars are ex-Socialist era workers’ canteens. In their previous incarnations they were run as government subsidized cafes where workers could get a good, nutritious and affordable meal.

The first milk bar was set up in 1896, and the trend has continued into present day Krakow. Milkbar Tomasza gives you a fun and interesting back in the day feel worth experiencing.

Bar in Krakow

Alchemia and Forum Przestrzenie

These are two bars you should make a stop at. Alchemia is a cocktail bar reminiscent of decades past.

Forum Przestrazenie gives a look into a modern and changing Krakow, set up for those looking to have some drinks in lounge chairs as the sun sets on the water’s edge.  


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