Travel Advisor Execs Bullish on 2020 Sales Outlook Despite Politics

Patrick Semansky  / Associated Press

Donald Trump speaks during a tax bill passage event in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 20, 2017. The 2020 U.S. presidential election could affect travel advisor sales, yet agency executives are still confident that the year ahead will closely mirror 2019’s unprecedented growth. Patrick Semansky / Associated Press

Skift Take: There may be turmoil on Capitol Hill and a contentious presidential election up ahead, but travel advisor leaders don’t expect it to put a damper on 2020 sales. They are, however, keeping an eye on the economy and said travel advisors should be extra proactive in keeping clients enthused and confident about travel.

— Maria Lenhart

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Delta Air Lines Employees File Lawsuit Over Uniforms

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines unveiled new uniforms in 2018. Some workers say they make them sick. Delta Air Lines

Skift Take: This is an odd one. All kinds of people in all industries wear uniforms. Most of them without problems. Yet flight attendants at three different U.S. airlines have claimed in recent years that their uniforms have made them sick. What’s going on?

— Brian Sumers

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