Airlines Roll Out Green Schemes to Boost Environmental Credentials

Bruce Bennett  / Getty Images

A scenic view of aircraft flying overhead in Raleigh, North Carolina. The airline industry is trying to boost its green credentials. Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Skift Take: We’ve been here before … It’s nice to see airlines trying to reduce the harm they do to the environment but it doesn’t stop the fact that at the moment flying is very bad for the climate.

— Mike Linden

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China Issues New Warnings Against U.S. Travel to Its Citizens


You see fewer and fewer Chinese tourists passing through U.S. airports these days as inbound travelers are down. Bloomberg

Skift Take: China cautions its citizens against travel to the U.S. because of “frequent” shootings, robbery and theft. Can’t it be more ingenious? But even if its public finds this ridiculous, there will be a drop in travel to the U.S. There are enough past examples to show that China travel warnings do bite.

— Raini Hamdi

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JetBlue Senior Executive Marty St. George Is Leaving the Airline

Chelsea Brodsky  / JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Chief Commericial Officer Marty St. George is out, according to sources. St. George joined the airline in 2006. Chelsea Brodsky / JetBlue Airways

Skift Take: Thirteen years is a long time to stay at one corporation. Perhaps JetBlue needs some fresh blood. Or maybe Chief Commericial Officer Marty St. George just wants a change of pace.

— Brian Sumers

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College Tour Planning a Likely Course for Travel Advisors

Karen Leigh and Dandan Li  / Bloomberg

Pictured are students at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Travel agents have found a niche in organizing college tours. Karen Leigh and Dandan Li / Bloomberg

Skift Take: With college such a substantial investment for many families, touring prospective campuses is a growing priority. This is creating opportunities for travel advisors to step in and handle the logistics.

— Maria Lenhart

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The Hotels Paradox: Keeping Tech Cutting Edge But Simple


Executives from Accor, Hyatt, Loews Hotels, and Wyndham take part in CEO Panel at the 2019 NYU Hospitality Conference. Skift

Skift Take: Hotel chains are always in search of the next big thing in innovation or loyalty that will give them an edge over the competition. But in discussions with industry professionals at the NYU Hospitality Conference this week, it seems most would be willing to settle for reliable Wi-Fi and USB ports in rooms. Maybe simple is better?

— Danni Santana

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Trump’s New Cuba Travel Ban for U.S. Tourists Severely Limits Options

Desmond Boylan  / AP

Tourists take selfies with an iconic image of Cuba’s revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the background, at Revolution Square near the Ministry of Interior in Havana, Cuba, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016. Cuba’s government declared nine days of national mourning after Cuban leader Fidel Castro died Friday and this normally vibrant city has been notably subdued. As Cuba prepares a massive commemoration for Castro, tens of thousands of high-season travelers have found themselves accidental witnesses to history and in the middle of a somber city that’s little like its usual exuberant self. Desmond Boylan / AP

Skift Take: Trump has been threatening to reverse Obama’s engagement with Cuba for a while, and Tuesday’s travel ban to the island certainly re-enforces the view that he is the Anti-Tourism President.

— Isaac Carey

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